About us

Centre for Development of Civil Society (CDCS) is an independent think tank organization. It is established in Zrenjanin (Vojvodina, Serbia) in 1998, as human rights organisation with the aim of promoting, protecting and improving human rights and freedoms and affirmation of democratic values and the rule of law.

CDCS has contributed to the improvement of the status of national and religious minorities in Serbia with its research, expert analyses, policy papers and public advocacy. Since 2005, CDCS has expanded its field of action on the rights of people with disabilities, the youth and good governance. At the same time, professional and institutional capacities have been developing and CDCS gradually evolved into a think tank organization. As such, CDCS has gained prestige and recognition with the state, province and local authorities, independent/regulatory bodies, academia, European Commission, international organizations (OSCE, CoE), numerous donors (Royal Norwegian Embassy, Freedom House, Delegation of the EU, Institute for Sustainable Communities, Visegrad Fund, Fondation for an Open Society, OSCE Mission, US Embassy, Balkan Community Initiatives Fund, Ministry of Youth and Sport, etc.), CSOs, national councils and institutions of national minorities, Churches and religious communities and the media. During the implementation of regional and European projects (in which CDCS was the bearer of projects), we made a partnership with the think tank and civil society organisations from Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Montenegro, Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CDCS is a co-founder of three networks of CSOs: Network for interculturalism, the Association of Multiethnic Cities of Southeast Europe – Philia, Civic Vojvodina.

Our Vision: Serbia as a democratic and open society in which every individual and all groups enjoy equal rights and freedoms, regardless of their specific and assumed characteristics.

Our Mission: We strongly contribute to the development of Serbia and the countries of Western Balkans through the creation and control of public policies oriented to the sector of human and minority rights, democratic development, the rule of law and civil society.


We achieve our goals by monitoring activities, research, expert analyses, drafting policy papers, public advocacy, media campaigns, affirmative action and education within four programs:

1. Improving the position of ethnic and religious minorities

2. Improving the status of people with disabilities

3. Youth program

4. Good governance