Regarding the addoption of the Law on Double Citizenship for Hungarians

Center for Development of Civic Society (CDCS) invites public to pay attention to promising possibilities that today’s adoption of The Law on Double Citizenship for Hungarians from Surrounding Countries in Hungarian Parliament provides for Serbia on her way towards European integration.

CDCS respects each single sovereign state right to adopt its own stand on measures related to its citizens. Bearing that it mind, CDCS fully respects negative attitude expressed by Republic of Slovakia regarding the mentioned law.

On the other hand, CDCS recognizes that an option of acquiring a citizenship of an EU member state for more than 300,000 citizens of Serbia represents a significant chance for acceleration of Serbian European integration. CDCS especially highlights a role that Hungarian national minority in Romania had in Romanian accession to the EU. Experience confirms that all citizens of a state, whose certain ethnic community gets possibility of faster European integration by being granted dual citizenship, benefit from it. Benefit for Serbia in similar scenario can be even bigger, bearing in mind that political organizations of the Hungarian national minority are participating in power, while they are recognized as potential partners even by big opposition parties of today’s Serbia, as well as that there are no significant ethnic tensions between Serbian majority and Hungarian minority in Serbia.

CDCS invites Serbian authorities, executive and representing bodies of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and representatives of the Hungarian national minority to use all possibilities that adoption of dual citizenship for Hungarians offers, not only to the representatives of the Hungarian minority in Serbia, but to all citizens of Serbia and to our state.