Regarding the repeated anti-croatian incident shortly before the meeting between Tadić and Josipović

The Center for Development of Civil Society (CDCS) warns about the anti-Croatian incidents which took place for the second time in a short period in the north of Backa, once again shortly before the meeting between the President of the Republic, Mr. Tadić and the President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Josipović.

The northern Bačka is the part of our country where the most ethnic Croats in Serbia live. The first incident happened before the meeting in Bački Monoštor on 16 April 2010 when chauvinist graffiti were found written on the building where the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina (DSHV) had its main office. Last night this sad story continued with the broken windows on the building of the Cultural Office of Vojvodina Croats in Subotica. It happened ten days before the meeting between Tadić and Josipović who confirmed they would attend the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of DSHV on 18 July 2010 in Subotica.

The conclusions can easily be drawn: the process of approaching between Serbia and Croatia does not suit the followers of war politics and those who have made profit out of it. As it is always the case with crime, the victims are the weakest: in the mentioned cases those are the Vojvodina Croats. The CDCS trusts the authorities of Croatia and Serbia and believes that such incidents can only put them closer to each other in their common fight against those who try to obstruct the development of friendlier and closer relations between these two South Slavic countries. The CDCS believes that the prosecuting authorities can contribute to a favorable outcome in the best way if they find the perpetrators and start investigation before 18 July.